Gotham’s most notorious make an appearance in London. #MCMExpo #LondonComicCon
New comic book day, yay! #comics
We’re all feeling the mode this morning. Zzzzzzz…
Visiting the 50p comic book boxes is becoming a habit I can’t curb. #Comics (Taken with Instagram)
Don’t know what to read first. Too excitedly anxious! asdfghjkl (Taken with Instagram)
Though I’m really worried about ripping them, the Joker flip covers are pretty awesome. (Taken with Instagram)
Found a comic shop near work with backlogs for 50p. This makes me happy =D (Taken with Instagram)
Really interested for the new writing team on Fairest and AVX is finally ending.  It’s gone on for far too long. #comics  (Taken with Instagram)
Samson is sulking because I had to clean and wrap up the consequence of his klutziness. (Taken with Instagram)
You had one job, Asda Price.
One job.
Clothes-wise, this is possibly the best thing I’ve spent my money on this year. Especially since I’m completely fashion illiterate.
The weather in England has decided that September is the best month for summer now apparently.
This Thirst Cannot Be Quenched

It’s depressing when I come on here and I realise the last few weeks of comics I’ve missed due to whatever reasons be at that time. More depressing so when I add up all the ££££’s to what I’ve missed (even after a large haul re-think) and will be purchasing. More so, when I’ve ignored all sane inhibitions, gone and spent the ££££’s and caught up with the last few weeks’ comics. 

Now, to disappear again, and read them.

My friend has got chicks recently and I was asked for name ideas, and so birthed this doodle of Thor Chick.
originally by tiera
edited by asli