Why Time Differences, why?

Still coming to terms with being 12 hours ahead of the US’ broadcast time of Once Upon A Time.

Which means it airs in the US at the same time I start the morning class.

Which means the torrent won’t be available until Tuesday morning. 

Which means the wait for the Captain Swan kiss will be excruciating!

Fine. I’ll just sit here.


If he didn’t have to go out to pee he’d stay like this ‘til the apocalypse. #ADogsLife
The gang’s all out with the Christmas spirit in tow! #NeverTooOldForTeddyBears
Yay! So excited for Uncanny X-Force and Rocafort’s Red Hood cover is drool worthy.
Friend went to NYC and all I got were these lousy mugs… of sheer awesome!
Wow. There is some epic reading to be had this week. #comics
Halloween night sorted! Comic book sales are deadly.
This week’s haul #comics
Mama Aliens #MCMExpo #LondonComicCon
One of the best Liara cosplays I’ve ever seen. #MCMExpo #LondonComicCon
Marvel sends in the cavalry. #MCMExpo #LondonComicCon
originally by tiera
edited by asli